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About Waggle Dance

Once upon a time, there were three professionals with widely diverse backgrounds who came together to rock the world of marketing research with some exciting new methods for data capture and analysis. This goal was super-serious business that required 2 years of intense R&D.

As the partners prepared to go out and market this new technology and service, they breathed a sigh of relief and said to each other: “So, what do we call this?” They searched high and low for inspiration until a friend said: “It sounds like you guys do what bees do.” The partners replied: “What????” And the friend explained it like this.


“In natural science, the waggle dance is the remarkable way in which bees communicate the location of new nectar sources to other bees. It enables the colony to produce significantly more honey by communicating the research results of a scout bee to the rest of the hive. The worker bees then efficiently gather the nectar without wasting time and effort by flying off in the wrong direction.”

The mission of Waggle Dance Marketing Research is to help clients decide on a way to more efficiently and effectively market their products or services by providing deeper, richer insights about their consumers. In the same way that the scout bee identifies sources of nectar, the partners at Waggle Dance Marketing Research identify consumers’ sweet spots so that clients’ marketing strategies and programs produce the sweetest and best result possible.