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Waggle Dance Marketing Research conducted this study for BACARDI® LIMÓN™ Flavored Rum to uncover the ins and outs of dating and flirtation behaviors, party attitudes and relationship tips.

There were over 1,000 respondents, age 21 – 34, in the survey in the top 20 cities throughout the US. In addition, BACARDI LIMÓN joined with Brody “The Luv Coach” to give her expert opinion on the findings.

  • Overall, most respondents felt just a little above neutral about their ability to find love.
  • Most men and women believe that there are rules of bar-etiquette that they personally follow. Two thirds of these respondents believe that 2-3 seconds of eye-contact is the perfect length of time before approaching someone.  About half of these respondents say they would never approach someone that they knew was in a relationship.  Another result stated that pick-up lines are becoming a thing of the past.  A mere 26% of men and 15% of women use pick-up lines when they approach a potential dating partner.
  • 38% of men believe the best place to find a date is at a bar or club, while 44% of women believe that the best way to find a date is through a friend. “Having a close friend recommend a potential partner is the safest way to date” says Brody. “Your friends are the ones who know you best and are the perfect source for suggesting and introducing you to a compatible partner”.

This study is an example of how deep consumer understanding can help a brand resonate with its target and create meaningful and motivating content.